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There's nothing to fear in the dark

Its different when you're blind

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Name:Freyr Stian Anderson
Birthdate:Apr 21
Freyr Anderson ➤ [personal profile] foulmouthmutant
Alias: Erebus*

Freyr isn’t exactly known for getting off on the right foot with people. He’s got a foul-mouth and a rather brash attitude that’s known for getting him into trouble more often than not. He doesn’t think his ‘power’ is all that great, either. He’s blind in the light, thus he carries a cane and wears a black-out visor over his eyes. In the dark though, he can see with his lime-green eyes as he has permanent night-vision. He doesn’t take kindly to people bullying him, and will not be afraid to insult you or attempt to hit you with the cane.

Other than his grandmother in Norway, Freyr has no immediate family and generally stays at the Institute.

*Erebus, in Greek mythology, he was often conceived as a deity that once represented the personification of darkness.

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Mun: This character is under eighteen (age 17).
I do not own, or whatever, Ezra Miller. Freyr, however, is my foul-mouthed little shit.

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